School Production

School productionIf your kids are involved in any kind of performing art – singing, dancing, acting or playing music – I am sure you will relate to this. For some reason, school productions and school concerts, including those organized by dance schools, theater groups and music schools, seem to be ignoring their main clients – us, the parents.

Hand on your heart, when you come to a concert or a play, do you care how good the teacher is? Do you care how good the production is? Or do you keep looking for the little person on stage that belongs to you?

And when you see your little person performing their best, do you care if their inflection is right? Do you care if their balance is perfect? Do you even care if they make a mistake? Or is it so cute and adorable, you could not care less, as long as your son or daughter is at the front, where you can see them?

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