Parenting Tips by Top Parenting Experts

clip_image002_thumb[2][3]As a parent, I am in constant search for parenting tips. In my parenting workshops, I have a goal of learning at least one great parenting tip from my audience and you know what? I always do and I am very happy and grateful for it.

At the beginning of my education career, I gave up one big desire: to re-invent the wheel. It was not easy, because some people thought it made me less creative, but I always gave the example of my mom as a chef – she uses the same ingredients as everybody else but combines them differently. Over time, I stopped asking her about cooking recipes and started asking more about cooking tips, because with the click of my mouse, I can find millions of recipes, but they all lack the experience.

One day, I asked my mom to teach me how to make her awesome, huge, fluffy doughnuts. I brought all the ingredients to her house and decided I would watch her make 4 batches, I would write everything down and then I would be an expert in making doughnuts (not to mention I would get to eat them fresh). She made the first batch and I made the rest. One of mine was too sticky. I looked at the recipe and had no idea what made the difference.

I asked my mom if I should add some flour, but she said, “No, you need to add a little bit of salt”. She added a teaspoon of salt to a big bowl of dough and, hey presto, it was all good. I did not understand how a teaspoon of a salt could make such a difference but it did. This was my profound moment in baking. I realized that when you bake, you need the tips, not just the recipe.

It is the same in parenting. It is even truer in parenting. Asking parents what works for them is a great way to accumulate enough information and make a good parenting style from it.

In a way, when I asked the Top Parenting Bloggers to share their parenting tips, I hoped to find some I can adopt too. I was very happy to discover many good tips and I hope you will too.

Read parenting tips from top parenting experts


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