Parenting Teens

Happy teen Parenting teens is considered the most scary period for every parents. I heard endless times the mantra “Wait until your kids become teenagers” and when Eden was young, I did find this warning scary. After all, I had not been an easy teen for my parents (not that I had been an easy kid either).

Yet, the more Eden grew, the more I realized that for my parents, my teen years had been years of reason, success and happiness. While other parents had talked about their kids turning into monsters during their teen years, my parents had found joy parenting me for the first time in, because I had finally done well socially and academically.

This thought made me dedicate a big chunk of my education career to teens and even today, I often deal with parenting teens in my parenting workshops. I even wrote a book for parents, educators and teenagers to bust the myth of “those obnoxious teens”.

As kids grow, parents must grow with them. As their interaction with the “outside” world broadens, our task of supporting them broadens too. This is not an easy task, although not because of them, but because of us.

A research on parents’ attitude done over 30 years checked what parents thought about their teens’. 30 years later, it checked what those teens, who by then had grown and become parents themselves, thought about their own teenagers. Surprise, surprise! The research said that the parents of 30 years ago and the parents of today rate their teens misbehaving attitude exactly the same (OK, maybe no surprise).

When I read this research, I said to myself that we are totally trapped. Whatever I say about my teens today, they will say about their kids in 30 years, so you know what? It does not have to be a bad trap. I think I like trapping my teens in my positive attitude…

I asked our Top Parenting Bloggers what they think about parenting teens. Some of them are parents of teens, other are not yet, but it is interesting to read what they think. Annie Fox, one of our top parenting bloggers, dedicates much of her writing in books, articles and blogs to teens.

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