How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Happy healthy girlHealthy kids are every parent’s hope and prayer. I remember during my pregnancy, while everyone was talking about the sex of our baby and our plans and wishes for its future success, the older people said, “The most important thing is that you have a healthy child”. We joked about is as an old people’s saying.

I turned into an “old person” when my 1-year-old daughter Eden was sick with pneumonia. She was on antibiotics for 6 months because as soon as she got off it, she got sick again. By the time she turned 2, she had had pneumonia for 6 months. We were at the mercy of the doctors and their medication, taking her to the hospital and worrying about her health. The head of the children’s ward at the biggest hospital in our area, who saw her for 6 months at his private clinic, said to us, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your daughter is asthmatic. She will have to be on medication 6 months out of every year, so you’d better get ready”.

She was just so young and fragile and we were so scared we understood why those “old people” had wished her health.

Our life changed when we took responsibility over our own health and Eden’s and realized we had the power to raise healthy, happy kids.

I believe that kids’ health (and their parents’ health) is an important part of parenting. I am in a constant search for tips and tricks to keep my kids healthy, so I decided to ask the Top Parenting Bloggers about their attitude towards ensuring their kids’ health.

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