Sleep Problems with Kids

Baby sleepingRecently, one of the readers sent me a question about sleep problems with kids. I was surprised to discover that when she searched through over 650 posts, she did not find many dealing with kids’ sleep. The reason I was surprised is that in my parenting workshops, I talk to parents about kids’ sleep when I cover rules and boundaries. I have been sharing my personal trouble with my kids’ sleep for such a long time with so many parents, yet I have never written about it. Funny.

So this is the message from Julia, describing her sleep problem with her daughter. When she sent me the question, it was easier for me to give her a call and answer her question, but I wanted to share it with you too, just in case you are having similar challenges.

Hi Ronit,

I have looked around your site to try and find some info on sleep problems with kids but had no luck. I know you are very busy, but thought I would ask just in case you can direct me to something that could help me?

My 8 1/2 yr old daughter cannot put herself to sleep, we have her in a single bed next to ours, and one of us has to go to bed at the same time as her, and usually we fall asleep, as it takes her a while to nod off. So as you can see, there is never any ”adult time” in our house. Things are getting rather desperate, as it creates a lot of problems as you can imagine. Hoping you might have time at some point to help me.

Thank you,


Read my answer about sleeping problems with kids


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