Bodyguards of Beliefs

BodyguardBeliefs can cause all our problems in life. Luckily for us, beliefs are also the most powerful weapon we have against them. It just depends what kind of beliefs we have.

For the most part, beliefs are created in our minds without our consent. Most of the beliefs you have today were not formed through a process of conscious choice. Things that have happened to you in the past, things you have heard from people who are close to you or who you trust, things you have observed in the world around you, things you have been taught and even imagined create your belief system. Most of them have occurred during childhood, when you did not have enough life experience to doubt them.

Doubt is a defense mechanism in our mind that functions as a bodyguard and prevents beliefs from entering our system. This bodyguard evolves over the years. When kids are young, this bodyguard is not very developed and it has very simple ways to filter beliefs.

  1. If it is from someone close to me who cares for/about me, it must be true
  2. If I have heard it 3 or more times, it must be true
  3. If something has happened to me once, it will happen again
  4. Every painful experience must be recoded to so I do not get hurt again
  5. Every success experience must be recorded so I can make it happen again

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