Bullying (5): Bully awareness

clip_image001[3]Understanding the dynamics of bullying is very important in finding the solution for it. In the next two chapters of the bullying series, I will discuss the characteristics of two main players in the bullying phenomenon – the Bully and the Bullied (victim). I say two main players, because there are many other players in the game, but they will be discussed later on.

From a very early stage of the bullying research, it was obvious that bullies have special characteristics. Research done in 2007 by Field found that bullies have difficulties with schoolwork, health and self-esteem. Field also found that bullies have personal, social and interpersonal difficulties, including challenges in dealing with emotions and conflicts, lack of compassion and inability to express empathy.

As the challenges bullies have are all associated with their inability to manage their feelings, it is easy to see that bullies have low emotional intelligence.

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2 thoughts on “Bullying (5): Bully awareness

  1. Ronit – Thank you for bringing attention to this problem. Bullying prevention is the key to helping our children feel safe in school and in the neighborhood. I look forward to future posts on this topic.

    Shanna c/o LipreadingMom.com
    Author, Speaker, Mom, Hearing Loss Advocate

    • Hi Shanna,

      Thank you!
      The bullying Journey will take over half a year ( this is how much I think it is important)
      Every Monday for over 6 month.
      Prevention is what educators use as an important tool to shape a society.
      Prevention is what governments don’t invest in ( at least not enough)
      Prevention is not covered in the media as it is not “war” like enough to make money.

      I hope that “Together we can make a difference”


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