Make a list (31): Movies I loved

The pursuit of happyness I love watching movies. About 20 years ago, Gal and I agreed that going to the movies would be one of our regular “dates” as a couple. When Eden was just 11 months old, we got her a babysitter and went out for a movie. The town we lived in was so small it had one cinema that showed the same movie for 3 weeks, so we sometimes just went for a walk and talked about the movies.

There are movies we like and movies we do not like, but we always like to discuss the movies we have watched, their messages and what we can learn from them. This is the reason Gal and I make a huge effort to watch movies with our kids. It gives all of us the opportunity to learn from one another’s perspective, because we do not have enough time in this life to experience everything ourselves. Of course, it also creates a deeper shared family experience.

I think that movies are like books – a lifelong experience is condensed into 1½ hours (lately more like 2½ hours) or 300 pages, with the possibility to shape our perspective on life and change our attitude. To me, movies are a lot more than motion pictures – some movies are a real form of art.

I separate the movies to the ones that move me or the ones that make no impact on my life. I especially like movies that make me think and that leave an impression on me that lasts longer than the movie.

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