Supplement Your Life

Food supplementsModern times have put us in charge of our health and wellbeing and as parents, of the health and wellbeing of our kids. Gone are the days of the good old doctor who knew everybody by name and actually cared about them. House calls are certainly a thing of the past.

  1. We must take responsibility for our own health, because nobody else will do it
  2. We must take responsibility for our children’s health, because it is part of the “job description” and they are important to us
  3. We understand that being healthy is a prerequisite to doing well at school and at work, to staying alive longer and to enjoying life
  4. We live a lifestyle that is faster than ever and far more stressful, which is bad for our health
  5. We eat food made to taste good, not to be nutritious, which means that most of us do not get what we need out of it
  6. We need to prevent physical and mental issues and keep ourselves balanced, rather than treat symptoms
  7. We already use chemicals to overcome our challenges and we are typically aware of their effects (good and bad) on our body and mind

So why not use food supplements?

We are not experts, but we have found value in some food supplements, despite having to overcome the feeling we are self-medicating. We have tried superfoods and spices, as well as pills and capsules. We have tried “natural” products and “artificial” ones, and we have not found the complete answer yet.

Maybe if we parents get together and discover the best ways to supplement our life and the life of our kids, we will all be healthier, happier and more successful.

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