Bullying (20): How Bystanders Can Stop Workplace Bullying

Break the cycle posterIn the previous chapters, I wrote about how helping the victim at work is a good way to stop bullying in society in general by breaking the cycle of victims becoming bullies who bully other victims and make them bully others too in a futile attempt to regain lost power. The cycle must stop somewhere and this can only be done by courageous people who understand that by helping each of the participants in the game, we can reverse the cycle towards a considerate, supportive, understanding and caring society (can I get an “Amen”?).

In this chapter, I want to offer some tips to help the bystander of workplace bullying. Just to refresh, bystanders are the people who watch others bully and take a stand by participating, encouraging the bully actively or with body language, doing nothing or defending the bullied victim.

As you probably understand, most of the people in our society are bystanders (thank God!) and by watching or being aware, they become either bullies or victims (fearing to defend) themselves. Their help in changing the bullying phenomenon is crucial, because not being directly targeted, they have more power than the victim or the bully and are in a better position to make a difference.

Here is a list of suggestions and tips for bystanders in the workplace. Sometimes, using a single tip can make a difference in someone’s life. Never underestimate how much power you have to make a difference!

Read more about stopping workplace bullying


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