Bullying (24): How to stop parental bullying

Anti bullying poster with sweet girlIn the last chapter of the bullying series, I wrote about bully parents (some people call them toxic parents) and although I think there is sometimes a fine line between carrying out our parenting responsibility and bullying, there is no doubt that bullying is a cycle that will never end unless we help parents stop it.

Yes, we have law enforcement officers whose job is making sure it does not continue, but if parents stop bullying their kids from fear of the police or the authorities, it will only increase their sense of disempowerment. Their focus will be again on gaining power without the authorities’ knowledge, which will create another cycle of making kids afraid of reporting and worse, hiding their physical injuries and hurts from others. This reduces the support structure available to bullied children and the chances of stopping the bullying or recovering from it.

Parents must stop the bullying cycle not because of the fear of being caught, but because they have gained power and understanding through developing their emotional intelligence. This way, the parents will be happy too.

We must stop the cycle of bullying so that in 10 years, we will talk about it as history and say, “This is what people did in the past, but we are more civilized and in control and we are better parents for our children”. We need to be proud of making a difference.

In this post, I want to help parents discover if they were bullied themselves when they were young and if there is a form of bullying in their home towards their own children.

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2 thoughts on “Bullying (24): How to stop parental bullying

  1. Bully parents are often the main reasons why some kids bully. As long as bullying exists within a family, it is a vicious cycle hard to break unless someone makes a change for the sake of the child and his/her future.

  2. You are absolutely right. That’s why we need to look at bullies, including bully parents, as human beings who have been hurt and need to develop good emotional intelligence in order to cope and ultimately overcome the bullying that was done to them.

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