Ronit’s Parenting Bible: Role Model

Ronit Baras - the motivational speakerIf you are a regular reader in this site, you probably know that being a role model is one of my strongest commandments. I adopted it while I was a special education student and we learned how strong our actions are as an example to students. I realized it would be even stronger for or own kids.

Accepting this commandment requires courage and a self-reflection strategy. Being a role model does not mean taking the blame for everything your kids do, but it does mean recognizing your ability to change what they do by modeling a different behavior yourself.

When I present this to parents, I get responses like “If my child is sick, does it mean I’ve modeled it?” and “My child swears, but he’s never heard it at home!” Being a role model does not mean your kids do something because of you or because they have seen you do it, but it does mean that as s role model, you can do the opposite and demonstrate good alternatives. If your child is sick, it is not your fault, but if you are a role model for eating junk, abusing your body and pay attention to them when they are sick, do not be surprised they have resort to this coping mechanism.

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