Reading Skills for Kids

Reading babyMost of the new information kids receive at school comes from reading. Even if that information is on the computer, they still need to read it. So if there is something you need to do well as a parent, it is to make sure your kids read well, that they understand what they read and that they read in order to find and use information.

Kids are not born with reading skills, but they still need them to build their knowledge and understanding. We develop these skills in them by reading for fun or by reading to get information.

Although I believe that reading for fun is very important and can help increase your vocabulary and understanding, I think it is limited, because kids cannot check on their own if they understood the stories or not. Many books have layers of understanding and the young reader cannot tell which layer he or she is reading at and what they might be missing.

School is pretty much the only place where we can check kids’ understanding and help them develop their reading skills and teachers are qualified to tell which level of reading and which reading skill is expected at each age, but as a parent, there are things you can teach your kids at home that will help them greatly with their reading development.

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2 thoughts on “Reading Skills for Kids

  1. Great post about the importance of reading both at home and at school! I wonder, though, if parents can actually help kids with critical thinking that goes along with reading at home. Asking questions and making connections can help deepen one’s relationship with his/her children and help promote the kinds of thinking skills that children can transfer into an academic setting!

  2. By the time critical thinking becomes a mental possibility for kids (around the end of primary school), they should be able to read very well and have a wide exposure to texts of many types. So critical thinking, is the next important step after what’s in this post.

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