My Kid Wants a Tattoo: Short-term Thinking

Tattoo of a heart with initialsI love tattoos. As a visual person, I find a lot of beauty in tattoos. I think tattoos are a form of art. I can find many justifications for having a tattoo. Much like most women (and some men) use makeup to make themselves look pretty, I can understand having a tattoo to look pretty. Although today, I will not get any piercing to damage my body, I can still remember that when I was younger, I decided to have a second piercing in one of my ears (my ears had each been pierced once by our neighbor when I was about 7 or 8 years old).

Still, I have to say it scares me to think of my kids getting a tattoo. I imagine their soft skin that I bathed and touched being damaged and it really frightens me to think that people damage their skin to look pretty.

Tattoos are a very sensitive topic. If you ask every person that wants to carve their skin and damage their body beyond repair on their motives, they will always say, “I like it!” or “It’s beautiful”, and I believe them. Some tattoos are amazingly beautiful. What I do not understand is having a beautiful tattoo that you cannot enjoy, because you put them on your neck or on your back and you cannot see them.

The problem with kids wanting a tattoo is that kids cannot imagine the future. They cannot imagine a time when their dazzling tattoo will become a problem. Unlike piercing in your ears, your nose or even your tongue, which you can hide by taking the jewelry out when you go to an interview or a tiny braid in your hair that you can cut off just before your wedding, tattoos are permanent and you cannot just make them disappear.

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One thought on “My Kid Wants a Tattoo: Short-term Thinking

  1. I feel ya, sister! My little ones are only 9 and 5 and I even though I have substantial ink myself, and have never regretted it, I worry about one (or both) of them coming home with a hideous piece of work that can’t be covered if necessary, of will haunt them when they are 40! I made sure my tattoo was big enough to be worth getting, but easily hidden on my back, and low enough that if I ever wear a low cut dress, the effect isn’t ruined…if ever my kids decide to get tattoed, I hope they take their future selves into consideration 🙂 (of course, that’s what mom’s are there for, right? To remind them ;P)

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